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About Us

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We are proud to be recognized as one of the fastest-growing contracting companies in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Our skilled team has been actively involved in the Riyadh contracting industry since 2015.

We specialize in both commercial and residential projects, boasting a strong proven track record in executing complex and demanding endeavors.Additionally, we offer a comprehensive range of technical services, renovations, and finishing works to various public and private sector companies across Saudi Arabia.

Our objective is clear: to provide unparalleled service and unmatched assistance throughout the kingdom. From the beginning, our company has been heavily engaged in the construction of diverse structures, including residential and commercial buildings, luxury villas, high-rise towers, shopping malls, warehouses, schools, and hotels. Our belief and commitment are encapsulated in our objective, "Construction at its finest."

  • Vision

    Our primary objective is to prioritize client satisfaction by delivering unparalleled quality through reliable services and cost-effective solutions. We strive to maintain the highest standards of safety and integrity throughout our operations, ensuring that our client's needs are met with utmost professionalism and dedication.

  • Mission

    To become one of the most reliable and preferred contractor in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offering comprehensive solutions in civil construction, mechanical services, interior fit-outs, and furnishings.

200 Satisfied Customer
10 Awards Achieved
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Fadi Hamshow


I'm delighted to welcome you to our vibrant YAZ community. Leading as CEO, I'm honoured to guide a team devoted to excellent construction solutions. Understanding the importance of your project at YAZ, our strategic approach seamlessly integrates with your goals. With our expert team and modern technology, we're ready to handle your project's requirements, allowing you to concentrate entirely on its success. Thank you for choosing YAZ, we look forward to achieving great things together.


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